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There is no achievement greater for a high school than the achievements of its alumni.




Welcome to our WHS Alumni Webpage!  This is a place we hope you will explore often to connect with WHS, connect with former classmates, and connect with current students of Westfield High School. 


We hope you enjoy the short video above.  We put it together for our 2021 Fall Homecoming and it was shown the Riverview Health Stadium Jumbotron.  We are so proud of all of our Shamrocks and it means so much that some of them come back home to impact today's students at Westfield High School.  


We hope that you will sign in to our database so that you won’t miss out on future alumni opportunities and news! As we grow, we anticipate this database will grow as well, with search features that will allow you to find former friends, classmates, and WHS staff members across the country.  


If you want to know more about Homecoming, this is the place.  If you want to request transcripts, this is your place.  If you want to volunteer to speak to one of our classes, this is your place.  If you want to donate money or a gift to the school, this is your place.  If you want to nominate someone as a distinguished alumnus, this is your place.  So again, welcome!  We are so glad to connect with you!



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