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Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame


Westfield Washington Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame


The Westfield Washington Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame award honors alumni whose deeds and character exemplify outstanding achievement in their life’s work and/or service to their communities. An honoree’s spirit and leadership are worthy of recognition and have inspired praise and gratitude among his or her peers.


Larue Carter    Class of 1898    Inducted in 2011

Allan “Red” Stanley    Class of 1932    Inducted in 2010

Malcolm Bray  Class of 1934   Inducted in 2009

James William “Bill” Wood   Class of 1934     Inducted in 2013

Betty L Edwards    Class of 1935    Inducted in 2016

Victor “Coach” Overman    Class of 1940   Inducted in 2012

Don Day     Class of 1946    Inducted in 2010

Bill Dennis    Class of 1957   Inducted in 2017

Joe Edwards    Class of 1958    Inducted in 2011

Celia Fields Adolphi    Class of 1961    Inducted in 2009

Nels Ackerson  Class of 1962    Inducted in 2009

Parker Hinshaw Class of 1967   Inducted in 2010

James McColgin    Class of 1969   Inducted in 2009

John A. Carey  Class of 1972   Inducted 2012

Stephen Andrew Norris, MD    Class of 1975   Inducted 2012

Chris Denari    Class of 1979   Inducted in 2009

David Riese II     Class of 1983    Inducted in 2011

Stephen Wooldridge     Class of 1985    Inducted in 2009

Adam B. Brower   Class of 1999   Inducted in 2017

Kara J. Martin  Class of 2005    Inducted in 2016

Captain Mitchell H. Finke Class of 1996  Inducted in 2021

Dan Willoughby  Class of 1984  Inducted in 2021

Irven Armstron Class of 1910, inducted in 2022

Westfield Washington Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Requirements for Eligibility:

 The nominee must have graduated from Westfield High School at least 10 years ago.

The nominee must have a special achievement in their area of specialty and/or received honors, awards, or other recognition at a local, regional, national, or international level.

The nominee has demonstrated leadership, character, and service to society in general or to a specific segment of society.

Nominations for posthumous awards will be accepted.


 Complete Nomination for Westfield Washington Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

 Please note that nominations can be submitted at any time but must be submitted no later than May 1 of any particular year to be considered for induction in that calendar year.