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Shark Tank (Entrepreneurship Club)

Shark Tank Club


Entrepreneurs come from a variety of backgrounds. Elon Musk grew up in South Africa before moving to the US to attend Stanford. Oprah Winfrey grew up in poverty before working her way to through the ranks of radio and television. She owns various media platforms and is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Dave Thomas was adopted, raised in the Midwest, joined the Army, all before creating one of the most popular fast food chains in the country, Wendy's. You don't have to have a background in business to become a successful entrepreneur! 

The Shark Tank Club takes each member's expertise and passions and helps create a successful business around those. Students do not need to be enrolled in any business classes to join this club. Maybe the student is into art wanting to see how they can make money from their crafts. Students could be into engineering wanting to know how to market their latest invention. Maybe they are a computer science student who wants to launch a new phone or computer application. No matter what they are into, this club will help them figure out how to create a business around it!

This club focuses on building business plans for two competitions:


innovate Innovate WithIN is a statewide competition for high school students with a mission to, "teach students how to view life through a lens of innovation and entrepreneurship, while building a life of purpose." Students compete against other high schoolers in the state for a chance to win a $25,000 prize (seed money and college scholarships). This is a great opportunity to meet with leaders from around the state including business owners and executives, athletes, and politicians. 

Shark Tank Club will give students a chance to work together on their business ideas, meet with local business leaders to get advice and use various resources in the school to help prepare them for the various stages of the competition. For more, visit




WCOC Westfield Shark Tank is a competition within Westfield High School. Students will work to create a product or service, and pitch it to the Westfield Chamber of Commerce. Students can compete individually or in a group of up to three. All students must be enrolled at Westfield High School. The first round will be judged by Mr. Moore and Mr. Bruns, and then the top 5 teams will have a chance to present at a Westfield Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Whatever team gets the most votes will win $1,000 to put towards their business. This is a great chance to meet and network with business leaders in Westfield! 




For more information on the Shark Tank Club, please email Mr. Moore at You can also stop by Room 1324 (by the Rock Shop and Mimi's Cafe) in the Learning Center.