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French Club

Tour Eiffel
Bonjour!  Welcome to French Club!
French Club meets twice a month (Fridays) during CORE in room 1221. Please email M. Grubb ( to be added to our Canvas page to find out meeting dates (usually every third week of the month) and look at the announcements.

You do not have to take French to join. The club is a fun way to learn more about Francophone culture through various activities like cooking French food, celebrating mardi gras, and watching French movies. We have more than 20 events planned for this year! See our Canvas page for details! 
What we've done in previous years:
Previously, the club was being run exclusively by student officers (sophomores through seniors) with the sponsorship of the French Instructor, Lance Grubb. The students chose to take it upon themselves to organize meetings, create cultural presentations to share with members, and prepare francophone foods for each meeting. We also created t-shirts and have organized French cultural events throughout the year. We even held a mini French Bowl for students to test their French skills.  The French Club is very popular and we have had 30-40 people in attendance at meetings in the past, with numbers growing. So come and be a part of this fantastic cultural organization as we discover the Francophone world and bridge intercultural competence among students. 

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