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FCCLA: Foodies Rock!

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    Advisor: Nikki Heflin
    Contact Info:
    Club President: Jordyn Church
    What is FCCLA Foodies Rock?
    Our chapter is part of the national academic student organization Family, Career, and Community Members of America (FCCLA). With the growth of our Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Culinary Arts and Nutrition Program at WHS, our chapter's mission is to serve our WWS community through our love of nutrition, culinary arts, and hospitality. The opportunities provided to our club members help them develop important skills that will not only serve them during their high school careers, but post-graduation as well!
    FCCLA-Foodies Rock Activities and Events (Please note that our club members are highly trained in customer service, hospitality, culinary techniques, food safety and sanitation).
    1. Small to Mid-Size Catering for WWS Clubs and Organizations
    • We can do appetizers, snacks, desserts, or a buffet (taco bar, pasta bar, etc.)
    • Our club members set-up, prepare and cook the food, serve, and cleanup the service stations largely in part to their service work for the club
    • Please note we have a limited number of events we can commit to, and the number of people per event is around 150 max.
    • This is a great way for our students to gain real-world experience in hospitality and food service industry and a very affordable option for your club/organization 
    2. Team Building Event
    • If you are looking for a fun idea for a team building event for your club or organization's members, FCCLA-Foodies Rock has an engaging and fun format in place where your club members will be broken out into teams to work together to prepare a recipe in our foods laboratory. We will do the shopping and recipe writing, and one of our club members will be available to assist the groups with equipment, how to work equipment, and advice on prep/cooking techniques. Your club can opt to take their prepared meals home or enjoy them in our family style table setting. This type of group work promotes communication, analysis, skill building, and is a lot of fun!
    • The time frame of the event would be about 1-2 hours long
    • This can be for WWS clubs and organizations, as  well as community clubs
    3. Partner or Be a Part of Your Event
    • We can have a table at your event that promotes WWS, Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Culinary Arts, or any other related ideas
    • Examples of events we have participated include:
                -Healthy Snack Table at the Monon Trail Elementary Family Fitness Day
                -Food Truck Face Off Competition at WHS Rock the Arts
                -Partnering with the WHS Band Department for events such as Taste of Trinidad and our upcoming Passport to the World event
    4. Nutrition and/or Cooking Classes
    • Our classes can be customized to meet the needs of any age group and skill/knowledge level
    • Some ideas include:
              -My Plate Healthy Eating (elementary-high school)
              -Easy Meals for Independent Eaters (middle to high school)
              -Intro to Nutrition/Cooking Healthy for Adults
              -Intro to Nutrition/Cooking for Preschool/Elementary/Middle/High School
              -Global Cuisine (any age group)
              -Advanced Culinary Skills (high school-adult)
              -Knife Skills (high school-adult)
    5. Any other fun ideas that you have! The goal is for the club members to expand their knowledge of culinary arts and food service, while partaking in service events to better our school and community.
    Please email with questions related to WHS family and consumer sciences or culinary arts. 
    If you would like to book catering, please email  

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