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Canvas Parents

How to create an account.

Note: At around 1:15 the instructions are to log out of your students accounts.  In order to get back to the login screen you may need to click this url.


How to Login with a browser


We have changed how students and staff login to Canvas.  They will now login via google.  This will not work for parent accounts.  Parents will need to use the url below in order to log in.  It will bypass the “login with google” feature and allow you to log in with your email address.  If you need your password reset email

How to login on the Canvas Parent App

If you want to use the canvas parent app on your phone please first follow the instructions above on your computer.  Once you are logged in on your computer click on Account in the upper left.  Then look for the QR for Mobile Login option.  Next click Proceed.   Then on your phone get your parent app to the Find School button.  You may need to uninstall it if you have used it previously.  Once on the Find School page look for the QR Code link underneath the Find School button.  The next screen should allow you to scan the QR Code you created on your computer and will log you in.



Canvas Basics (English)

Canvas Basics (Spanish)


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