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Westfield High School provides the highest quality of teaching to promote academic growth and achievement.  The high school offers a proven and viable curriculum to ensure that all students have the learning opportunities required to eventually, be successful in their post-graduate college or careers.  

Our focus is to continue to raise the achievement levels of ALL students.  We believe all staff and students are learners and that growth is paramount. We want to help each individual to love learning and to champion a growth mindset.  We believe that when we are stretched and challenged, we not only perform better but we become the best versions of ourselves. We want all students to graduate with the necessary skills for future success.  Future success means that they are equipped to go and do and be whatever it is they want to go and do and be and thrive while doing it. The three main skills we want to grow in our students are literacy, critical thinking, and innovation.  

In our classrooms, we are working on giving each student foundational literacy skills with reading and writing, then helping them to think critically and express themselves creatively and think outside of the box.  When our students are able to teach others, create original work, and make a product that inspires others, we know they have reached the highest academic skill levels. Through our staff professional learning communities and best practice workshops, our use of CORE time four days a week, and within each classroom, the skills of literacy, critical thinking, and innovation are an emphasis in staff and student learning.  We know if we are building skills and engage our students at high levels, we will see test scores rise, AP access and success will increase, in addition to more academic honors diplomas and higher graduation rates. It is our goal to meet each individual where they are at, differentiate the learning and work with each to achieve more than they ever thought they could. 

Westfield High School Program of Studies


Indiana Academic Standards