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Blog #5: The Importance of Passion and Creativity

The Importance of Passion and Creativity


Whenever I want to be both wowed and inspired, I go into our Maker’s Space in our Learning Center.  The students there are always creating and sharing innovative ideas.  In a time where we feel so limited right now, this space is one of life and possibility.

When I visited the other day, some students were creating a new app for their phones, some were creating a motivational mural, others were making jewelry from spoons.  I pulled some students out with me to look at the vast, seemingly endless space that is now our new WHS Learning Center to ask them how we could add more color, truly make this space represent the colorful tapestry that is our student body.  While there is now more on the walls than there was at the start of the year, there is still so much room for our incredible students to amplify their voices and fill the blank canvas.  I cannot wait to see our students’ visions become reality.

And our maker’s space is only a sample of the creativity that lies within the hearts, minds, and at the fingertips of our students.  This is one reason why I feel so blessed to have the career that I have.  Our students are thinking of ideas and planning for futures we can’t even picture.  Our students are artists.   They are entrepreneurs.  They are athletes and performers.  Almost nothing brings me more joy and inspiration than watching our students play and perform, make and create, and do what they love.  

In a time where we have felt more isolated and limited than ever, I am convinced that we must continue to dream and to create.  We must be in tune with our passions and utilizing our gifts.  When we are utilizing our passion areas and creating, we are not only the most whole versions of ourselves--we are also connecting best with others and inspiring them to find their passions as well.  For me, I found my voice and my passion on the stage in seventh-grade singing arias and playing Miss Hathaway in the Beverly Hillbillies.  It awoke a love in me I didn’t know was there. The arts gave me the courage to let go of my insecurities and let my voice soar.  To this day, I am determined to never let my passions grow dim.

At WHS, it is our mission that EVERY student discover their passion and finds a way to express it.  Are you connected here? Are you creating and sharing with others?  It is not too late to join one of 90 clubs or to start one of your own.  It’s not too late to be involved in a sport or the arts.    It’s never too late to dream big and push existing limits to create a better tomorrow.  Do you need to pick up the paintbrush again?  Have you lost your voice during the pandemic and it is time to pick up a pen or grab a microphone?  We are at our best when we are connected to our passions and purpose and we are not afraid to let them shine for others.  Do you need to renew that passion again?  Do you need a push to connect to your gifts and talents?  I would love to come alongside you, and I know I am not alone.  Let’s have the courage to create again.