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WHS Attendance Line: (317) 867-6801 (Phone lines are open 24 hours) 

Option #1: Sick, absent all day.

Option #2: Absent all day reason other than sick

Option #3: Late arrival or checking out before 10:00am

Option #4: Early dismissal, checking out after 10:00am

All Day Absences:

Call the WHS attendance line on the morning of the absence. Provide the student's name, caller’s name, relationship to student, date, and reason for absence. If a student will be absent for more than one day, a call must be made each day. 

Early Dismissals: 

Please call the attendance line prior to 10:00am for an early dismissal.  This helps our front office staff get your student a pass for the early dismissal with the least amount of disruption to classroom instructional time.  Leave a message on Option #3 or #4 with your name, student name and reason for early dismissal.  Lines are checked every 10-15 minutes throughout the day.  Passes are sent 1 time per period.  If at all possible, please avoid last minute early dismissals.