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Greetings Shamrocks!  My name is Johnna Groom and this is my "rookie year" at Westfield High School - you could say I'm the New Kid on the Rock!  I am an Instructional Assistant in the Special Education department and feel privileged to work side by side with your amazing students and staff everyday. 
I believe that every person has a goldmine of possibilities just waiting to be discovered and that by cultivating the strengths of others, we bring out the best version of ourselves. 
I am a proud fourth generation Oklahoma State University Cowboy, from where I received my B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting.  In those parts they strongly believe in faith, family, friendships, and football, however I am an equal opportunity sports fan (I love just about any sport, especially youth sports!)  If you want to have a deep conversation about why I think sports make the world a better place, just grab me an iced coffee and have a seat.  
Outside of WHS, I work for a soccer organization (the other football) that brings soccer/futsal to underserved communities. We teach players how to not only become great soccer players, but we also mentor them on character development, leadership skills and how to become a positive influence within their community. 
My husband, son, and I live in a house divided among a Denver Broncos fan, a Colts fan, and Dallas Cowboys fan (know me and you'll know my team!) 
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Johnna Groom
Instructional Assistant - Special Education
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