Westfield High School

Club Philosophy

If you would like to learn how to provide inspirational and improvised solo's, you're in the right place. The goal of the club is to help guide you to the tools, techniques, and a frame of mind necessary for you to create great solo's with little more than your instrument, ears, and your heart. Originally, the focus was to be on guitar but the guitar is not the only instrument that can do improv-solos; so welcome to all instruments that can.  As horns and instruments other than guitar are not my forte, it might take a time or two going over the sheet music to get on the same page. But if you like open jams, we will have fun with this learning thing.  To join, send an email to Mr. Johnson at johnsonb@wws.k12.in.us or drop by the Tech office by the foam-cubes in The Learning Center.
There is no sacrifice of the sanctimony of music theory that you learn in class. Rather, theory is used to quickly get you familiar with the songs structure and turn around's. When you have that, set it aside and just jam!
What makes a great solo?
Best Answer: The memorable one, that best fits the timing and underlying chord structures of that particular song. Add to this the many genres and blends of technique and you see how the door is wide open for expression. Certainly true with original music (if playing songs everyone knows well, the audience will expect you to be true to that) Examples 2 different styles (check out all the things he uses to make them entertaining) & Bad Luck (Albert & Stevie jam)
 OUR FIRST MEETING WILL BE WEDNESDAY  4/19/17 6th Period Outside Tech Office in The Learning Center - bring your axe...