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Student turned analyst turned teacher, I took a "roundabout" into the profession of teaching Social Studies. Geographically, this roundabout took me from Paris, Illinois where I was born and raised to Ohio where I went to college and started my career at Nielsen in Cincinnati to Georgia where I attended the University of Georgia and received my Master's in Social Studies education.


At the heart of my interest is economics. After reading Levitt's newly popular book Freakonomics senior year of high school, I knew I was hooked and declared my major at Miami University shortly thereafter, without a single economics course under my belt. Fortunately, I found the same intrigue and passion in my economics courses as I had in Levitt's book, learning about the seemingly hidden side of everything. Four years and countless macro and microeconomics lectures later, I accepted a job with Nielsen as an Analyst on the Procter & Gamble account, a position engrained in what I loved about economics. Understanding what consumers purchase, how, and why, i.e. the fundamentals of economics, is at the heart of what Nielsen does. Moreover, economics proved to be an effective framework for problem-solving because of the way it teaches you to analyze a problem - assessing the costs and benefits, dissecting the decision-making process.


Now, I am absolutely thrilled to be back in the classroom for the first time this 2016/2017 school year, working to share the same intrigue, passion, and intellectual challenge that I experienced in my classes and at Nielsen, using the guiding principles of economics as the foundation for endless curiosity and learning. In addition to teaching Economics, I enjoy the opportunity to teach two closely related classes, Personal Financial Responsibility and Introduction to Business. For all of my classes, I hope to create a classroom environment that emphasizes critical thinking, encourages diverse perspectives, and engenders fun, engaging, and meaningful learning. 


Outside of the classroom, I enjoy being a part of the Running Club and Essential Knowledge clubs at Westfield. When I'm not at WHS, you'll find me running around Indy, dabbling in creative outlets like photography and art, listening to music excessively, and traveling to visit with my best friends, who now span the globe.  

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Alicia Howrey
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