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This is my first year at Westfield High School but my fourteenth year as an English teacher.  I have taught both English and ENL (English as a New Language) in several states including Alabama, Georgia, and now Indiana and worked with both middle and high school students.  Furthermore, I have spent part of my time in education as an ENL Resource Teacher at the district level in Alabama and as an Instructional Coach for an online high school here in Indiana, where I also taught prior to coming to Westfield High School.
I have a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech and a M.A. in Education from Jacksonville State University.  Even though my master's degree is from Jacksonville State University, my heart belongs to the school where I got my bachelor degree - GO HOKIES!   
My philosophy as an English teacher comes primarily from my musical background.  I have played the flute and piccolo for the majority of my life and began as a music performance major at Radford University before transferring to Virginia Tech.  With music, the notes on the page are the same, but the emotion someone feels in music will change with the performer.  The same is true with reading.  The words on the page are the same, but what they make us think?  Those ideas will be varied! Discussion in English class while reading literature is a necessity because we all come from diverse backgrounds and as readers, we bring that diversity into what we read, which is why interpretation can be so varied.  Always come prepared to discuss your ideas because they will be as unique as you are and we can all learn from one another. 
Why do you need English?  Other than the state requirement, you NEED English class!  Regardless of what career path you are on, knowing how to communicate effectively is important.  Furthermore, learning how to interpret text, whether it is Shakespeare or a technical manual your future employer wants you to read, you will need to be able to dissect literature well enough to not only comprehend it, but to synthesize it and form an opinion.  

I have two children who also have the privilege of attending Westfield Washington Schools and am currently engaged to be married.  I enjoy performing as a singer in local venues, gardening, going to amusement parks as I love roller coasters, exercising / running, and spending time with family and friends.  

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