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WHS Dance Marathon Summer Activities



Sign up to volunteer at the Colby and Cate Fundraiser!! There are multiple ways to serve and help. Every hour you volunteer is money toward our next year's total.

Click here to sign up https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H8l76VwvqXT2MdXljkDZzsaEFxFZjpQCmIYNn1-W4C0/edit?usp=sharing


Our mission: WHS Dance Marathon will work together to raise money, to support the children and families of Riley Children’s Hospital.

Our vision: Together we will unite Westfield High School and the community in order to help the Riley Kids in our own unique way. 



“We dance for those who can’t.” 



Why should you get involved?

  • Even if you may not know someone personally, our community has several of its own Riley Kids. Your participation would directly aid families who live closer to you than you might think.
  • Dance Marathon is seriously a life-changing experience. Participating could lead you to discover qualities within yourself that you never would have known you had. 
  • It’s fun!! You and all of your friends can participate together. It’s a night filled with many different activities and social opportunities.
  • In the end, always remember: everything is For the Kids. Your participation will have a positive, significant impact on the lives of others. 


Important Information

Date of Westfield DM

Mark your calendars…

We hope to see you all there!!!

#FTK #DanceForThoseWhoCan’t

What an awesome committee this year!! Get involved and lead us next year too!