Westfield High School


Welcome to my staff page. My name is Krystal Thompson, and I am a teacher at WHS.  I am in the English Department, and I teach sophomores this year. Along with teaching here at WHS, I am also an assistant cross country coach. Attached, you will find a quick way to check in on what English 10.3 and English 10.4 are all about. 
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Email: thompsonk@wws.k12.in.us
Extension: 6974
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thompsdigsbooks
Things for you to always remember: 
1. Embrace your nerdiness. It is OK to be different. In fact, it is important. Don't try to shy away from your inner-nerd, instead let that flag fly high because that is what makes each of us us. 

2. "Be the change..." Thanks to Gandhi, we can all take moment and try to change the things we don't like. So my challenge is it try to always create a positive change because even though your positivity might only effect that one person, it will have a ripple effect. 

3. Choose your GREATNESS. Each of you has something special to bring to the table, so be sure to embrace your greatness and make it happen! https://vimeo.com/90357991
Keep Being Awesome!