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Hello! I'm Angie Torvik, and I'm an English teacher at WHS. Since I came here in February of 2012, I have taught several different grade levels, but last year I found my home on the 9th grade team. I teach both 2-trimester and 3-trimester freshman English, as well as Creative Writing. In addition to teaching, I also sponsor our Creative Writing Club, coach the freshman volleyball team, and volunteer with Westfield Young Life, a youth ministry organization.

Five things you need to know about me:
1. I love the Purdue Boilermakers, Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago Cubs
2. I love to travel; if you know of somewhere awesome to go, tell me!
3. My perfect day involves sunshine, a hammock, a book, and an endless stream of coffee.
4. When I can't think of topics to write grammar sentences about, I use my cousins or my dog.
5. Nerds are cool, and reading is for winners. Everybody knows it. 

I love our school and my department, and I'm proud to be a Westfield Shamrock.  If you are interested in Creative Writing Club, check out my club page! Information about Westfield Young Life can be found at www.westfieldyl.com

Below, you will find a brief description of the classes I teach.

English 9:
English 9 is offered in both 2-trimester and 3-trimester formats, but the skills we cover are the same. In English 9, students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction pieces and begin the process of literary analysis and analytical writing. The English 9 team strives to lay the foundation for reading comprehension and analysis skills that will be used in all future English classes at WHS.

Creative Writing:
Creative Writing is an elective class offered to students in grades 10-12. It can be taken to replace one trimester of English 12. In Creative Writing, students learn the process of starting fictional pieces from scratch. Students write short stories, poetry, reflective pieces and a final portfolio. The Creative Writing program also helps students with speaking and collaboration skills, as there is an emphasis on peer editing and presenting final work.

Want to stay in touch?
Email: torvika@wws.k12.in.us
Phone: (317) 867-6957
Twitter: @Torvanaro

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