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Kim Lockhart-Massaro » Lifes Skills/Peer Facilitation Teacher and Best Buddies Advisor

Lifes Skills/Peer Facilitation Teacher and Best Buddies Advisor

Life Skills Class:



The purpose of the Westfield High School Special Needs Vocational Program is to better prepare our students for community life. This includes functional academics, personal management, community participation for leisure and vocational skill development. In order to best prepare the students, we must include training in the community. This would be in the form of community based and referenced instruction, vocational training and transportation or mobility skill training as feasible.
The ultimate goal being integration into the community as independent, motivated individuals, we must provide training side-by-side with other employees in actual environments of the community. Job training, therefore, may include on-the-job training at competitive work sites, using structured techniques, behavioral supports and programs to meet individualized learning styles. Students in early adolescence will sample a variety of job experiences in hope of determining individual ability and interest prior to actual job placement. Older students close to program completion or graduation will hopefully be placed in vocations of interest to them and at their ability level, prior to exiting the program. Others may continue to pursue career opportunities based upon interests gained through training. This transitional program includes a permanent support system for the individual beginning at the public school level and continuing on with the adult agencies servicing the local community and its residents.
Some of our Community Based Outings would include:
Kroger, Target, Goodwill, Post Office, Bank, Red box, Wal-Mart, Pet Store, Different restaurants, Walking downtown Westfield, etc. We also have a program called Got Milk and we run errands for staff too.