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I am a Spanish teacher here at WHS. I grew up in the Indianapolis area and am a proud Pike High School graduate. I studied Spanish, sociology and education while at DePauw University. (Go Tigers!) I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at DePauw and am a proud advocate for the liberal arts education and the mulitple student leadership opportunities provided on DePauw's campus. I began my teaching career at Zionsville Community High School in 1997. After a few years home with my children and a move across the country and back to Noblesville, I began teaching here in March of 2009 and have loved it since day one!

I currently teach Spanish levels 2 and 3 here at WHS.

In Spanish Level II, we develop your ability to speak about things that have happened in the past, and learn how to make requests and give instructions. We will develop a basic understanding of grammatical structures to support your conversation and writing skills. We will also focus on training your ear for better listening skills and develop your reading skills. Cultural awareness of various Spanish-speaking regions will enhance your learning and understanding. I want you to develop your language skills as a partnership to your ability to participate positively as a global citizen.

In Spanish Level III, we dive deeper into learning all about the cultures of Spain and the Americas... throughout our study, we will learn more grammatical structures and focus on the future, conditional and perfect tenses. We will also get into the basics of the use of subjunctive and practice more with asking questions, making requests and giving directions. Our learning will be culturally focused on Spain specifically during III-5 and on Latin America during the III-6 class. We will breathe life into things you've heard about various forms of music, dancing, food, daily life, art, festivals and prominent people throughout history. We will also read short stories from either Spain or Latin America. This course culminates with a "Museo de Cera" project where you will get to dress as a famous Spanish-speaker and share about their extraordinary lives.
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