Westfield High School


The Westfield Police Department, in cooperation with Westfield Washington Schools, implemented the School Resource Officer Program in August of 2007.  The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a sworn Westfield Police Officer assigned to provide law enforcement expertise and resources, and to assist school staff in maintaining safety, security and discipline, within the schools.  The schools are the equivalent of the SRO's patrol area.


I was appointed to the SRO position and have served in that capacity since the program began.  I completed training through the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) to become a certified SRO.  I'm a member of both NASRO and the Indiana School Resource Officers Association (INSROA).


I've served as a Police Officer, since 1983, on (3) departments.  I began my law enforcement career as a Trooper with the Indiana State Police.  I then served as a Patrol Officer on the Cicero Police Department.  I began patrolling the streets of Westfield in 2003, as a Patrol Officer with the Westfield Police Department.  Prior to entering police work, I obtained a teaching degree and was a school teacher.  I believe this background has given me an understanding of the perspectives of both law enforcement and the schools.  Each year has brought a better understanding of the many ways a School Resource Officer can be of service and assistance within the schools.

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Officer Kim A. Daniels
School Resource Officer
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