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Hello. My name is Alicia Denniston, and I am one of our assistant principals here at the high school. I work with our Dean of Students to oversee students in grades 10 and 12. Some of my other roles include overseeing school safety and leading our professional development efforts. As a champion of instruction and best practices, I oversee our English, World Language and Performing Arts departments and work with the teachers in those fields. Click on the links to the right for more information about these specific areas I lead.

Additionally, I oversee our English Language Learner department as well and help support these students as they grow in their learning of the language and develop skills to help them obtain their future goals and dreams. Click on the right to learn more about that department, the annual WIDA testing and the services we offer.

Finally, I work in conjunction with Sarah Gibbs and Mark Ewing to oversee our student activities at WHS. My specific areas are performing arts extra-curriculars, our journalism program, our academic competition teams and our student government.

Please contact me with questions or to learn more about the areas I oversee. I am excited to be a part of a high school where staff, students and our community come together to provide students with a rigorous education and a variety of opportunities to prepare them for that "day after graduation."
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Alicia Denniston
Assistant Principal
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-Discipline and Attendance (Grades 9 and 11)

-School Safety (including documentation of safety drills drug dog searches and crisis planning)


-Student Activities (performing arts and journalism programs)

-Data Analysis of PSAT/SOAS

-Policies and Procedures (including Handbooks- student and faculty)

-EL Services and testing

-Public Relations (Web-site development, Student and staff recognition,)

-Staff development (PLC’s Department Improvement plans, Staff meetings)