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Spanish Quiz Bowl

Hola! My name is Debbie Lutz and I am the Academic Coach for Spanish Quiz Bowl. We meet mostly in the Spring during sixth period and sometimes in the evenings or maybe a Saturday if needed. We have one academic competition in May at one of the Lafayette High Schools. Teams consists of four first or second year students, four third or fourth year students or four native speaker students. During the competition, students have to answer twenty vocabulary questions, twenty grammar questions, and twenty culture questions. The students answer as a team of four but take turns writing the answer on a small dry erase board. There is also a talent show for Spanish, French, and German students at the end if they choose to participate by doing a skit, singing, playing instruments etc. Teams practice and compete against each other during sixth period in my classroom. Parent chaperons are welcome to attend. This is a fun way for students to gain additional knowledge in the language outside of the regular class as well as see how we compare to other schools.