Westfield High School

Meet Your Teacher

Name: Ken Hampton


Grade/Subject at what school: US History, Psychology, Economics, Westfield High School


Number of years teaching: 23


Background/Schooling (college & high school):

Knox High School, Knox, IN
B.A. Social Studies Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

M.A. Education, Walden University, Online Minneapolis, MN


Why did you become a teacher? I had some teachers that were very influential and I have always enjoyed helping others.  Teaching seemed like a perfect fit for me and I could stay close to athletics by becoming a coach as well.


What goals do you have for your students? I always have wanted to see students grow while they have taken my classes.  Sometimes that may mean that they have learned about my subjects and sometimes that may mean that they have gotten out of their comfort zone and done things they have previously been skeptical about doing.


What do you encourage parents to do at home to help their children strengthen particular skills?  I would encourage parents to read with their children at an early age since this is so important.  The second thing I would encourage parents to do is show interest in their children’s schoolwork and be positive with them, always finding ways to give them confidence.  In my experience confidence goes a long way and it is something my parents helped me with as a student/son.


Name your favorite movie. Braveheart and of course, Fletch.


Name your favorite musician or band. Guns and Roses, I’m a hairband guy!


What’s something your students might not know about you? I was student council president throughout high school and I showed pigs in 4-H a couple summers while in junior high.