Westfield High School

WHS Safety Week

WHS Parents and Guardians:

   I wanted to let everyone know that this week at the high school we are having a Safety Week, where we practice each one of our drills so we feel prepared for our school year.  Yesterday and today we practiced our severe weather drills, where everyone has a “safe room” location.  No one is in the hallway or a room with windows.  The students and staff did an excellent job with this drill.  We also practiced our Internal Lockdown drill today and went through our process following our A.L.I.C.E protocols, where we lock down the building, barricade our doors and discuss evacuation strategies.  Thursday and Friday we will practice our evacuation drills: one will be our Bomb Drill, where all evacuate to our new football stadium.  Friday will be a fire drill.  All of our locations this year are far away from the building and teachers have received designated numbered locations. 

  We take safety extremely seriously at WHS, and we want to do everything in our power to keep your child safe and to help everyone feel prepared for whatever situation may come our way.

Alicia Denniston
Assistant Principal
Westfield High School
317-867-6817 (work)